How to Find a Roofer

The average homeowner finds the process of hiring a professional to replace their roof daunting.  Part of the reason that this is the case is that most homeowners don’t know much, if anything, about their roof.

how to find a roofer

The average homeowner will not know how shingles are installed, the reason that the roof has flashings and so on.  Thankfully, this article can give you some ideas about where to start.

Educate Yourself on Roofing

Take some time to educate yourself about roofing. You will want to do this before you start interviewing roofers.  Sometimes, the best way to start learning is to pick which roofing material you are planning to use.

Once you know this, you can find out a lot about the process that will be undertaken to install it.  Many companies that sell roofing materials will be more than happy to explain in detail the installation process.  If you are able to speak to an owner or manager, you will likely learn even more.  It is a good idea to bring pictures of your roof with you.

Ask About Installation

Now that you know what roofing material you are going to use, contact the manufacturer and obtain the installation instructions from them. You can usually get these instructions from their website as well.

The instructions will tell you what materials are needed to install the roof correctly.  Anyone that you hire to install your roof will need to carry out the installation process correctly and it would be a big tip off if someone you are interviewing doesn’t intend to follow the instructions to the letter. It is very important for the roof to be installed correctly or your warranty will be invalid.

Be prepared to ask technical questions of the roofer that you are intending to hire. An example of the type of question that you could ask would be as follows: What type of underlayment will you be using under the asphalt shingles?

You will want to know the answer to this question yourself and you will want whoever you hire to be able to answer this question correctly. Another good question to ask would be to request to see the contractor’s state license.  You will want to work with someone who has all the correct licenses.

Get Multiple Estimates

As you start collecting estimates, make sure that you are asking all of the contractors to quote for the same materials and processes. Any processes that you have learned are mandatory for the type of roof that you intend to install need to be quoted to you by each contractor.

Obtain insurance documentation for each contractor when you get their bid. The companies that you are getting quotes from will all need to have liability and worker’s compensation insurance.  A professional roofer will be more than willing to provide these documents to you.

Double Check the Contract

Before you hire a roofer, make sure that all the details you discussed are in your contract with them. You will want to specify all details, from materials to processes, in the contract.

Never forward any money to the contractor that you have hired unless there is a specific need to do so, like a special or custom order. A roof contractor won’t pay employees in advance and you should not have to pay in advance for these types of services unless the need has been disclosed prior to signing the contract. It is a good idea to have a payment timetable in the contract.

It is also a good idea to hire a home inspector to check out the roof once it is finished to be certain that the contracted job has been executed correctly. Do this prior to final payment in case there are issues with the finished roof.